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In an ever increasing and complex environment where demands for information can be costly, ease of use and compliance are two key things necessary for running a successful business that monitors, calculates share returns and tracks fruit and gaming machine funds.

GIMS makes it easy for businesses not only to record data but to easily retrieve it for your board, customers, management or regulatory authorities.

GIMS has been developed especially to provide a complete management solution for both single site and multi-site premises licensed to operate
fruit or gaming machines.

The base version is comprised of three Modules:
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* Accounting

Built by developers, accountants and users within the hospitality and gaming machine industry.
This (non-Excel) database primarily manages your bankings, expenses, processing cycles, transactions and venue rental etc.
Click here for more accounting details

* Machines

Multi-machine management is your comprehensive database for current stock management including machines-in-transit, those in stock and archived records Click here for machine management details

* Distributions (required in some jurisdictions)

This powerful tool with online management makes running your business so much easier Click here for distributions details

In a Nutshell

Gaming Industry Management Systems (GIMS) is a powerful product built in the latest technologies capable of running critical as well as routine tasks required by businesses involved with the gaming industry in New Zealand or Internationally, it can be modified to suit particular customer needs. The Opening User Interface is modified to promote your organisation while the system itself runs on your in-house computer system.

Why You Should Choose GIMS?

* Save on staff numbers - let your software do the work of many.
* Ready access to reports
* Tap into our extensive industry knowledge trusted by users since 1989.
* Software that has been developed in the latest Technology by End-users, Management & Accountants within the Gaming & Fruit Machine Industry.

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