Distributions Module

This Module is modified for International Markets where different criteria apply

In NZ this module manages the return of proceeds back into the community through grants/donations.

Online Grant Applications

GIMS online grants module allows applicants to create an application online. Applicants will then print off a cover sheet and attach that to the physical application. When the application arrives at the trust, the information is already sitting in the system.

Allocation of Proceeds

Fully integrated Allocation of Proceeds system where grant applications are processed from one central location.

This component allows you to manage recipients, create and manage grant applications, import online applications and mange grant audits.

Pay Grant Applications

Successful grant applications are paid by direct debit, created in bulk batched.

Production of minutes authorising grant payments are created as well as the relevant remittance advices and mail merge documents explaining the audit process.

Grant Audit

Audits can be undertaken for all applications that are paid.

Application Search

At any stage, users are able to search on a number of criteria for an application.

XML upload to CGA database

GIMS has a facility to upload xml files to the Community Gaming Association (CGA) website.

Publications spread sheet

Create a spread sheet for publication of all grans paid and declined for a specific period.


There are over 50 comprehensive daily, weekly, monthly and on request reports with a report browser which is customisable for individual users .