Machines Module

The Machines module is a multi-machine management system which records the machine details, including the location, purchase details, history of the machine, game types, warranty information etc. This is for all current machines at venues as well as those in transit or stock machines.

As well as storing machine information, jackpot information is recorded for each venue.

Gaming Machine Profit (GMP)

GIMS records the GMP as well as turnover and wins per machine on a daily basis. Electronic readings supplied by EMS are downloaded into GIMS and processed.

Changes in Game Approval numbers are recorded when the EMS readings are processed.

On a weekly basis the weekly GMP amount is calculated from the daily readings. The weekly GMP amount is audited against the bankings received and displayed in the Arrears Report.

Machine Performance Report

The Machine Performance Report is a comprehensive report on the performance of each machine’s Gaming Machine Profit. This can be filtered by venue, game approval number, service rep and supplier and can be previewed on screen, printed or exported to Excel.

Machines in stock and Transit Report

Displays all machines in transit or in stock in an Excel spread sheet.

Gaming Machine Analysis (GMA)

GIMS has the ability to create the GMA reports for a member or a machine if the data is available.